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Policies Regarding Purchase

Our policies are quiet easy to understand. We have stated below the conditions in which we are willing to sell the advertised products to the general internet community. Everyone who is interested or is purchasing any products from this site are required to read the entire contents of this page prior to purchase. By completing the purchase of any item or items from our online store, the purchaser is stating they have read, fully agree, and are entering a legal and binding agreement with our company. The purchaser agrees to follow these rules at all times throughout the whole transaction. Company has clearly specified all the terms in which we are agreeing to sell the products to the purchaser. The purchaser is also responsible for reading the entire contents of the advertisement, conducting the proper research into compatibility with their intended use, and seeking a professional to install the devices. Company has stated our conditions openly and clearly, purchaser must read this entire page prior to purchase, if they do not agree with any of these statements, they are not to purchase any items from this store and seek another online merchant to conduct their business. Company will take whatever means necessary in both legal and civil manners to ensure all parties comply with these terms. 
Fraud Policies. As with any merchant, we do not tolerate any fraudulent activities from buyers. All purchasers are welcomed customers until they attempt to defraud or interfere with the business operations of our company. Company will initiate any and all measures to protect themselves from any person or persons attempting to steal products via the use of fraudulent means, especially those via credit card disputes. Purchaser is warned ahead of time of the company's actions to pursue the fraudster in all means possible in both federal and civil manners available. We strongly state to any buyer who's has any motives of criminal actions to go elsewhere.

Communications. Company has clearly established its methods of communication. Due to the current Covid outbreak effecting the United States, company has established its communication methods via an online support site. All buyers must use the either the contact links on the online store or the email link provided by the sales department after the completion of the transaction. Buyer is not to contact company via any other method other than the that which is stated on this page. Buyer understands they will not receive a response if they use any other methods.

Payment Acceptance. Payment for products must have a confirmed and/or verified shipment address. This address must match that of the credit card's billable address or stated as confirmed/verified by the payment service used. Company will not ship products to any other address, other than the confirmed address provided by the payment service or the verified credit card address of the credit card owner. Payments made via PayPal will have a eight day hold for proper security clearance. Purchaser understands the sale is not final until the funds have been successfully deposited into the bank account of company or be made accessible by company. Company reserves the right to cancel any order which does not have a verified and/or confirmed address for any reason without notice to the purchaser.
Buyer also understands all sales orders must be completed by the actual account holder only. Company will immediately cancel and blacklist any person without notice who tries to place an order with someone else's account. This includes employees of the cardholder, family members, and other people who are not legally authorized to use the payment form. All information must be that of the cardholder themselves and no other entity. Telephone number, email address, and other forms of communication must also be that of the cardholder. Company will not under any circumstances reply or respond to any inquiries regarding the sales order to no other person other than the authorized account holder. Company will reserve the right to cancel the order and blacklist the buyer without notice, if they are found attempting to mislead company regarding the transaction.
Privacy Policy. We do not share nor distribute information regarding buyers who are in good standing. Information regarding buyers in good standing are kept secure and will not be distributed for any reason. Company may send buyers in good standing additional information regarding promotions or sales from time to time. Buyers who attempt to defraud company or violate the terms of this agreement will have their information made public to warn other merchants of the buyer's fraudulent activity to circumvent the normal operations of a business. Company will also reserve the right to report buyer's information to both local and federal authorities due to the buyer knowingly attempting to commit illegal acts of theft and fraud.

Product Advertisements. All information stated on this website regarding the sale or merchandise is for advertisement purposes only. They are to give the purchaser a general idea of the purpose and functionality of the item. Purchaser is to conduct their own research and read the product's advertisement prior to purchase. Company will not respond to compatibility questions regarding the products advertised on this site with the purchaser's computing system. Products being advertised come with what is stated in the product's advertisement. Products advertised to not include any other accessories unless otherwise stated. Items which require additional items in order to fully operate, is the purchaser's responsibility to obtain. Unless otherwise stated in the product advertisement, items purchased do not come with software, manuals or other accessories unless otherwise stated in the product's advertisement. Products are system pulls from working environments, products which are new in origin will state such in the either the product titles or advertisement. Purchaser is to obtain technical information directly from the manufacturer of the product at all times to ensure proper compatibility and functionality. As stated above, purchaser is responsible for reading the entire contents of the product's advertisement prior to purchase. All products purchase come with what is described in the advertisement, they do not include manuals, batteries, accessories, unless otherwise stated otherwise. Buyer is not to make any assumptions regarding the purchase and base their purchase accordingly.
Returns. Company does not accept any returns of any kind, unless they have been approved by company and complaint to the warranty policies stated on this page. Buyer does not under any circumstances possess the right to return products for any reason unless they comply to the warranty policies. Buyers who think they can circumvent these policies that they are legally required to read and agree to prior to purchase will have their packages refused. Buyer's who think they can purchase an item, file fraud disputes, and then attempt to discard of purchased item by returning unauthorized merchandise, will be legally charged with attempting to dispose of stolen merchandise acquired via fraudulent means.
Sales Information. All information placed at the time of purchase must be both truthful and accurate. Company will not tolerate any person who thinks they can place inaccurate information or information which is untruthful in nature. Company will immediately blacklist and cancel any order from any buyer who thinks they can circumvent the policies and procedures of the company. Buyer's are expected to accurately read and place the correct information on at the checkout process based on the questions answered. Company will place all orders on hold for any information which is not accurate and/or truthful in nature. If buyer initiate this action and refuses to comply to the completion of the sales confirmation form, the order will be immediately cancelled and the buyer reported.

Sales Order Confirmation. Company will reserve the right to send buyer a sales confirmation order request form, so that the buyer can confirm both the purchase they have made and ensure all information is correct. Due to the unacceptable amount of shipment returns due to buyers failing to place correct information on the sales order, company is now requiring buyers to complete this form. Orders will be placed on a hold status until buyer has completed the required form. Buyers who choose to purposely ignore these email requests will be banned from future purchases for failing to comply to the company's policies. This policy was put in place to ensure the smooth operation of all transactions.
Shipments. As stated in the payment policies, company will not ship any products to any other address other then the confirmed address of the purchaser's credit card and/or the confirmed address provided by the payment service used. Company does not ship to PO Box, APO, or any address which is associated to a Box type nature. Deliver addresses must be that of either the purchaser's residential or business address which is verified and/or confirmed. Buyer's who attempt to disguise any address which is in turn a PO Box, APO, or address of a Box type nature, will have their orders cancelled without notice. Shipments of products are during normal business days in which the courier conducts their business. Shipments of product may not occur on weekends, holidays, or events in which the courier cannot operate. The company's official shipment time of products is that of federal mail order regulations is up to six weeks. Purchaser is not to assume the products arrival date is any sooner that that stated by company. Purchaser does not possess the right to make up their own delivery time schedule or to assume any delivery time except that stated by the company. Any purchaser who files any disputes claiming the arrival date of the products purchased is any else that of which is stated by the company will be found in direct violation of this agreement in which company.

We also do not ship to international destinations. Orders which have destinations outside the continental United States will be cancelled without notice.

Terms of Sale. All sales regarding purchases from this site are final. Once the checkout has been completed by the buyer, there are no cancellations permitted. Buyer has had sufficient time to conduct proper research into whether or not they are interested in purchasing product. As stated above, buyer is legally responsible for complying to these terms. Company will not accept any requests to cancel orders for any reason which are in direct violation of this agreement. Company will reserve the right to blacklist any buyer who purposely violates or attempts to manipulate the business operations of company without notice.

Warranty. The warranty policies for products purchased from this online store is 7 calendar days starting on the delivery date of the product to the purchaser's confirmed address. The purchaser has this time period to contact company, via the company's stated contact methods, during this time period. The warranty covers only defects with the item upon delivery and does not cover incompatibility, abuse, misuse or tampering. Any product purchased from company's website must be performed by a manufacturer licensed entity. Simple installations of cell phone batteries are the exception to this statement. Purchaser is responsible for the cost of returning the product back to the address stated by company within the stated time period. All times must be returned as they were sent to purchaser. Purchaser must package item in a professional manner. Company under no circumstances refund or pay for the cost of shipping and/or shipping material for purchaser to return item. If approved, exchanges of items will only take place once the item has been returned back to the location stated by company. Products are specially marked and serial numbers are recorded to ensure the original product is returned back. Warranty will become void under the conditions that either the time period to report defective claims have expired, there has been tampering, misuse, modification, purchaser violating stated policies, or purchaser attempting to interfere with the operations of company.

Policies stated are legal and biding and are subject to change at any notice.